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Recycled Soda Bottles To Fiber

The Wellspring futon prevents millions of bottles from ending up in landfills and is a great example of Closed Loop Recycling.

We believe the future of our quality of life is tied directly to our ability to protect and enhance our natural environment. In respect to that we strive to use materials that originate from recycled substances, renewable resources and ecologically safe products.
Clear Bottle White Poly Fiber


Wellspring is a revolutionary fiber generated from 2-liter soda pop bottles. Using Wellspring fiber prevents millions of bottles from ending up in landfills. Using Wellspring fiber you can provide a quality product to your customer while helping to improve our environment.


Our exclusive Wellspring fiber is a revolutionary material that utilizes the second use of plastics. It's a virgin fiber that is generated from recycled polyethylene, familiar to you as two liter beverage containers. It's clean, odor free, and very resilient. The fibers look and feel incredibly like cotton; fluffy, soft, and very finely textured. The Wellspring fibers are amazingly light, and easy to work with. Our recycled fiber is nonallergenic and extremely comfortable.

Wellspring is a great fiber for crafts and home projects, and you can buy it from us right here!
Shipping to the continental US only. Orders will arrive within 10-14 business days.

Please note: If you are a wholesale buyer, you should call the warehouse directly (503.208.2922) and they will take care of your needs. The paypal button is for retail orders, and those are handled by our sister company, Cotton Cloud. This listing is for a roll of 10 pounds of batting - if you need other amounts or sizes please get in touch: email or 503.335.0758.

This listing is for a roll of 10 pounds of Wellspring batting.