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Organic cotton in the field

Organic cotton after being milled

Organic cotton in batts

Natural Felt uses organic cotton grown in the USA. You can rely on Natural Felt to provide you with the highest quality organic cotton batting, garneted, rolled to size and, if you like, delivered to your door!

Organically-grown cotton is ideal for people who have extreme chemical sensitivities. Ours is 100% certified organically-grown cotton, without boric acid powder or mineral oil. Why choose organic? Organic farming does not employ synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers, making organically-grown cotton a clean, pure, toxin-free, and natural product. Furthermore, organic farming results in sustainable, healthy soil management that reduces erosion and run-off. The only drawback to organic cotton is that, like all organic products, the labor-intensive process increases the price. But Natural Felt believes the cost is justified, and as consumers have become more educated about the benefits of organic, the demand for it has increased.

Organic Cotton is a great fiber for crafts and home projects, and you can buy it from us right here!
Shipping to the continental US only. Orders will arrive within 10-14 business days.

Please note: If you are a wholesale buyer, you should call the warehouse directly (503.208.2922) and they will take care of your needs. The paypal button is for retail orders, and those are handled by our sister company, Cotton Cloud. This listing is for a roll of 20 pounds of batting - if you need other amounts or sizes please get in touch: email or 503.335.0758.

This listing is for a roll of 20 pounds of Organic Cotton batting, 27 in. wide and approximately 30ft. long.