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Natural cotton in the field

Natural cotton after being milled

Natural cotton in batts
  You can rely on Natural Felt to provide you with the highest quality US Grown cotton batting, garneted, rolled to size and, if you like, delivered to your door!

In the mattress industry, cotton batting is used directly under cover fabrics as well as in inner padding materials,insulators, cushioning padding and for filling. Some mattresses are produced with cotton batting as the only filling material with the spring unit. In futons, batts are used as layering components to fill out the futon. In the upholstered furniture industry, it is used as padding in seat backs, arms, cushions and as deck padding. Cotton batting can serve as the filling alone or in combination with other materials in mattress pads, comforters, quilts and other products. In all of these products, cotton batting helps meet the various flammability requirements.

Unlike many of the alternatives, cotton is a renewable resource that is biodegradable. Cotton batting provides not only the benefits of durability, comfort and safety. The use of cotton batting not only helps to provide protection for our families today but also may help to keep our planet cleaner for future generations.

Cotton batting’s comfort is legendary. As an insulator, it provides a dense, even layer of padding and allows the spring unit to conform to the body, thus assuring that consumers don’t feel the coils. In addition, the thermophysical properties of cotton prevent the unpleasant build-up of body heat, helping to further assure the consumer of a comfortable sleeping environment.

Natural Cotton is a great fiber for crafts and home projects, and you can buy it from us right here!
Shipping to the continental US only. Orders will arrive within 10-14 business days.

Please note: If you are a wholesale buyer, you should call the warehouse directly (503.208.2922) and they will take care of your needs. The paypal button is for retail orders, and those are handled by our sister company, Cotton Cloud. This listing is for one roll of 20lbs. of cotton batting, 27 in. wide and approximately 30ft. long. If you need other amounts or sizes please get in touch: email or 503.335.0758.

This listing is for one roll of 20lbs. of cotton batting, 27 in. wide and approximately 30ft. long.